Know Your Net Worth

The Network Financial Estate Map works with all of your financial accounts - from your checking and savings accounts to your investment, RRSP and TFSA accounts. You are able to see a complete picture of your net worth, any time. 

Track Your Portfolio Performance

With Network Financial, you are provided with an easy way to view the performance of your investments. In addition, an in depth review of fund performance is completed during each portfolio review interval, to help guide you towards optimal fund selection.

Estate Planning

Are your legal documents in order and your accounts properly titled? Do you have a trust established? Do you even need one? We’ll advise you on what makes the most sense for your specific situation, taking all of your complex financial affairs into account. Being a partner in your financial life means managing your assets today, in addition to ensuring they are properly setup for the future.

Insurance Coverage

Most people have insurance, but many don’t have the proper amount or types of coverage. Let us take a look at your current policies, or make recommendations for purchasing new policies that will protect your loved ones.

Executor Action Plan

Our Executor Action Plan provides all the information your executor needs to settle your estate, so when that time is upon us, they can focus on the moment, knowing all their financial responsibilities are taken care of.

Legacy Planning 

What will your financial legacy be? If you’re ready to consider what you would like to leave your family, or when to pursue charitable giving, we’re an unbiased resource ready to assist with these challenging, emotional decisions.

My Child's Plan

Children with special needs require so much immediate attention, including managing their health care and navigating the social-services maze, that parents often find it hard to make time to plan for their finances. And many parents with financial resources assume that they won't qualify for assistance to help care for a disabled child.

As we work to benfit our community, Network Financial provides free support to families of children with disabilities in establishing a comprehensive plan to maintain long term financial stability. A personalized long term financial plan is essential to make sure that your child receives the benefits you've worked so hard to secure, even when you can no longer care for him or her yourself.